Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What have we been up to?

Wow!  I am not sure what happened but we blinked, and it has been a full year since we last used our blog.  And what an exciting year it has been!  Naomi finished a post-bacc study at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, and received an artist in residence at the LUX in Lincoln, Nebraska.  So she will be staying in Lincoln another year.  She also was just accepted into the Strictly Functional Juried Show, that was juried by Mary Barringer, which is very exciting.  This is the piece she has juried in.

She has been working on these condiment serving forms this past spring, and I am extremely excited about them.  When she was here visiting me at Ole Miss this July she made 5 of them and left them with me to decorate and glaze, they are about to be fired this weekend and I look forward to sharing them as soon as they are done!  Here are some in progress shots.  We are super excited to see where they go, and enjoy finding the time to work on things together still with the limited amount of time we get to spend in the studio together right now.

She also made some cups while she was here that were based off the commission set she is working on for some friends of hers wedding in September.  You can see previews of that body of work at http://www.davidlovesmorgan.com/registry/, and check out their website for their wedding while you are at, because it is completely adorable.

I made a few cups after she left those with me, playing on the same idea she was using, and here are my rendition of those, both in green form and then glazed.  I have been playing with Victorian patterns and transferring them from screen prints, and then glazing over them.

And then with the glazed version as well, a few images of those that are done.

They are a nice start of where to go this fall I think.  I am pretty pleased with the results now I have let them live on my table a few days.

I have been working on some large vase forms recently as well and will put some of those up soon.  I am going to try to work on posting my thesis research as I go along this semester, as well as a little bit of the mass amount of writing we do here at Ole Miss.  So feel free to send us messages of what you have enjoyed seeing!

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