Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer FUN

Hi all,

Here's a collection of photos that journeys through what Sara and I have being doing outside the studio this summer. Enjoy.

Hiking on the Roan our first weekend here.

Post hike with our friend Marisa.

The Asheville Redbirds

Look how crowded it was...

Hiking at Craggy Gardens on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

We stopped here on our way to the top.

Happy to have reached our goal :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I turned 23 on June 28th.

Unwrapping presents from friends.

My parents came to visit and we did A LOT of hiking.

Sara taking a breather.

My mom flying a kite on the Blue Ridge.

Visiting Judith Duff's studio in Brevard, NC

My dad got Sara a cheeseburger and she was elated.

Hanging out with the Roller Derby Girls at Bele Chere.

Asheville is HOT in the summer. Here we are relaxing
in the shade after walking around Bele Chere.

Coming soon: Photos of what we've been making--both individual and collaborative work!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Welcome to Our Blog!

We are Sara (on the left) and Naomi. Sara is currently in between her first and second year of graduate school in Ceramics at the University of Mississippi and Naomi is heading to the University of Nebraska Lincoln to do a post-bacc study in Ceramics.

We have created this blog to share the wealth of knowledge and experience we are absorbing in clay while working this summer here in Asheville. We have taken the time to visit several galleries and local artists as well as travel out to places in the area such as Penland School of Crafts and the EnergyXchange. We hope this can be used to both educate other people about the area and clay in general, as well as to make other students aware of the opportunities available to them as artists. We also want to show everyone what we have been up to all the weeks we have been here!

This picture is from our first weekend here in Western North Carolina! We went out to the Roan Mountain area to visit some friends and did some hiking so we could immediately immerse ourselves in our surroundings!

We applied as summer residents at Odyssey Center for Ceramic Arts to work both collaboratively and individually in the studio while taking time to visit studios in the area and other working artists. With such a massive collection of artists that Western North Carolina offers we really couldn't have picked a better place to spend the summer making work. Our summer residency at Odyssey provides us with space to work, a discount on materials, free firings, and a weekly stipend in exchange for assisting each day with the children's classes and firing kilns. We are enjoying working with the other full time residents as well as meeting other artists in the River Arts District where we are located.

We will be adding things quickly at first to detail what we have done for the first month so please come back frequently to see what we have been up to! Feel free to drop us a line at anytime when you see something you like we have posted!

Thanks! And enjoy!

Sara and Naomi