Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Home again, Home again...

Hi There!! It's Sara here and I just got back this weekend to Ole Miss to start cleaning up my studio space and getting ready for the semester that begins August 23rd. Gold Star Pottery will be on a collaborative hiatus for a few weeks, but we will each be creating and continue updating the blog to show you the journey after Odyssey, and perhaps back! (We will see...) Naomi will soon be on her way up to the corn! At the University of Nebraska Lincoln she will be a post-bacc for the fall!

First here are a few pics from the last rush of things we finished for our big exit! We did a set of dishes you can find at Crimson Laurel Gallery, and here is Naomi trying to finish getting them glazed with me!

Want a finished shot? Go by the gallery and check it out! ;) Tell David and John we sent you! No that won't get you a discount, but they will be happy to show you around!

We also enjoyed the very famous bar-b-que from 12 Bones! Apparently it's our President's favorite, and we got to learn why. ;) There is a line around the building M-F from starting before 11 when they open until almost 4 when they close and finally gave into the heat and tried it. Man were we mad we waited to try it! They have misters on the overhang to keep you cool while you wait to get in as well as a cooler of water out front to beat the heat in the hot August days.

Here is Naomi with her BLT, it has a fried green tomato on it for the tomato! Brilliant!!

And my pulled pork with cheesy jalepeno grits and baked beans. Wonderful!

Also before we left we got to run by our good friend and fellow Resident Artist Patty Bilbro's reception at Clingman Cafe. Her three person show, "Imaginary Friends" is up until the end of the month! And is well worth the trip down to the RiverArts District to check out! And Clingman Cafe is one of our favorite places to have lunch as well!

Here is Patty adjusting some of the work at her openning! Her decorative reduction fired pieces have a fun addition to the traditional surface of shinos. As well as a mix of the shinos used that allow for outlines on the rims and feet of the pieces that break up the space nicely.

Here is a look at some more of her work from that exhibition. A nice size vase, along with a large plate, and some stackable jars.

More images from the show...

This piece was at the end of the room and I really feel like it says, "That's all folks!" More images of a revamped studio for year number two to come! As well as (hopefully) Naomi's packing extravaganza!

See you soon!


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